mandag den 5. maj 2008

Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage. (Watch the Video from my surroundings)

They put you on to mislead you, claims and lies fills your social feelings, cynical accusations, bad solutions. They are nazies, collaborators from the war. I feel, that tey must be Hells angels and Nazists. They make people victims of violence, hunt and destroy them; intelligence and culture is hunted, because these criminals are stupid and envious. They think like psycopats, perverts, sadists, because they are sick and stupid. Their acts are insane and psychopatic. I know that some of them are insane.

Some of them are hoolegans, having had cases with the police involved. Hoolegans had this idea, that they could bring their club (AaB in Aalborg) to the top with ciminal acts. These acts are vandalisme, violence, destruction, pressure and burglery. Then they put pressure against witnesses and other wrong people.

Innocent people have been victims of their criminalities and insane sadism, just for money. And the victims will never get normal again.

As an example of pressure an destruction there has been the rockerwar, started by Hells Angels performing murder. Innocent and weak women have been killed and persecuted like animals.

So are the ways to money for Hells Angels and other criminals.

If you would ask for comforts in my surrounding, I must admit they are all destroyed.

The danish ministry has started major political actions against these people and their acts, and new laws are made to overthrow these criminalities.

Link to video about my environment:

Martin Barslev, artist.



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