mandag den 5. maj 2008

Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage. (Watch the Video from my surroundings)

They put you on to mislead you, claims and lies fills your social feelings, cynical accusations, bad solutions. They are nazies, collaborators from the war. I feel, that tey must be Hells angels and Nazists. They make people victims of violence, hunt and destroy them; intelligence and culture is hunted, because these criminals are stupid and envious. They think like psycopats, perverts, sadists, because they are sick and stupid. Their acts are insane and psychopatic. I know that some of them are insane.

Some of them are hoolegans, having had cases with the police involved. Hoolegans had this idea, that they could bring their club (AaB in Aalborg) to the top with ciminal acts. These acts are vandalisme, violence, destruction, pressure and burglery. Then they put pressure against witnesses and other wrong people.

Innocent people have been victims of their criminalities and insane sadism, just for money. And the victims will never get normal again.

As an example of pressure an destruction there has been the rockerwar, started by Hells Angels performing murder. Innocent and weak women have been killed and persecuted like animals.

So are the ways to money for Hells Angels and other criminals.

If you would ask for comforts in my surrounding, I must admit they are all destroyed.

The danish ministry has started major political actions against these people and their acts, and new laws are made to overthrow these criminalities.

Link to video about my environment:

Martin Barslev, artist.



lørdag den 26. april 2008

Madonnas adoptation.

The world has followed popqueen Madonnas adoptation of a little black boy, David Banda. It has caused her a lot of bad critics. I personally desided to become a godfather for a little negro child, because I saw GOD in Madonnas adoptation. Madonnas career has been misunderstood by many, who want to se the worldfamous artist as a dasling example of meaningless acts. But the truth is that her first hit "Everybody" claims for worldwide love, like Bob Dylan, as new Wave and neorealism, which goes back to the hippieculture and flowerpower love from the 60th. in a search for happiness.

Martin Barslev, artist

mandag den 10. marts 2008

Criminal Neighbours

Some people in my environtment are insane murderers. The put my friends down, talk behind their bag, persecute them, beat them up, torture them to death, murder them. A woman wich I have used as a motive in my paintings, has been treatet in this way. They tried to murder her. Forced her to leave the country. And many others. Several murders has been done, but the police never found the murdereres. Out of personal reasons and envie Gianne Vercase was murdered, Madonna has been offended with threads and violence. Because they were rich and happy and counted respectability. Especially what these criminals go after. That where the evidence is hidden. Partly Hells Angels and Hells Supporters mc. Denmark are focused.

Some rich people can't live in happiness, it makes them enimies of the society. So it is in my neighbourhood. They are lurking on revenge and satisfaction in destruction, and love to boost of their criminalities. Their children will have pleasures, tension and outlaw games going.
I have had thiefs in my apartment. I have got my surroundings destroyed and smashed.
I have been knocked down.
They attack and persecute people to get influence, and they get the influence.
They live in sin , and put respectable people down, when they have pleasures. They just see the fight as a part of them selves and not an idiology. Happiness and good luck they get down. They live far from sense, never regret, and get more and more insane.
Martin Barslev
Revlingebakken 93, 1. th.

mandag den 18. februar 2008


Today there is payment of wage, then you got to watch out for Hells Angels, as the outlaws we know, that they are. There are also other criminals. Nieghbours which visit each other resulting in plans for revenge and relapse to robbery. There is also the Hoolegans, who feel that they got to help with the economic perspectives .

They use extortion and violence in an attempt to make an economical development, which fit to their own interests. Minister of Justice in Denmark Lene Espersen is investigating criminalities in the world of football. It can tell that there is something really wrong.

Minister of Justice has also a lawbill against hoolegans.

If you look at the murder of Gianne Versace, worldfamous designer, and John Lennon, you would think, the it is an action in the meaning to stop something beautifull in time, and to put their own interest in a better position. They just fight for their own interests, with no consideration of right or wrong. They don't even know, what is normal, think and feel far from
social feelings.

They use massbased psychosis to make confusion, and under these condition they can carry out their criminalities. They knock on the walls, set up bad suggestions and claims, threaten with

voilence, burglary, bad service, infringement against the peace of the privatelife.
they create hatret to Madonna and Andy Wharhol the put respectability in bad light.

And then you see, that they deal with drugs and steal cars as better way to be.
Furthermore they carry out vandalism on parked cars, smash flagstones, splashes paint everywhere, smash windows, so that everything now is worthless.

Christmas evening 2006 I was nearly killed by a maroon, which was thrown near me to make an end of my life, I think it was somebody from my environment.

And after all these thing, they lie about their own position and life, tell lies about right and wrong,
like Hells Angels try to give impression of solid trials, and set themselves as perfect examples.
Some day they will meat the dawn of revenge.

fredag den 15. februar 2008

Madonnas World
Madonnas World is a forum where you can exchange news and other things - about worldfamous popqueen Madonna. The blog is administered by Jannie Buxo, who makes a lot of paparazzi on Madonna Siccone. I personally had for some years acces to to this mailinglist, but did not have many comments. The most active commentators had alot of bad sounding thing about Madonna.
If the popsinger was forced to read such things, I think that she would have a lot of pain.

I had to reject these meanings. Then again I felt that the lies and improber accusations ought to be proved not right, and apologized in a court. Why should this worldfamous and beautifull artist suffer pain because of so bad and denouncing accusations.

The idialism that she showed the world as a beautifull example regarding to Malawia, they laughed at, brought false accusations about her rights and the presedures made in the adoption.
They lied about the laws, while they themselves broke them.

Thereafter they put dirt on her new art and music plans, judged all from a bad point of view made all a diabolo. I tried to have a suggestion for her new CD cover. This picture resulted in this decision, that I was deleted from the mailinglist.
The picture was not injurious in any way, but maybe there was not enough junk in the forecast.
I have performed on stage with music, and exebited art in Denmark, Paris and Nebraska for ARTEL. I do not feel that such thing as Madonnas World can live in the world of art.

Artist Martin Barslev

tirsdag den 12. februar 2008

The Narkowar.

Hells Angels got their name from the Royal Airforce Escadril, Hells Angels.

But they now got reputation as Nazists.

But not only nazists, but also the new mafia.

Hells Angels and the imigrant gangs "Blågårdsplads Gruppen", "Black Cobra" and

"The International Club - Den Internationale Klub - DIK" are fighting on life and death about the narcomarked in Copenhagen on Nørrebro.

DIK now today has the marked of dealing with drugs in Aalborg, Kolding, and Esbjerg.

You can see the the deadly intermezzo between Jørn Jønke Nielsen and a person from DIK came to life seen in an economical aspect, to posses the dealing with drugs. Two criminals meet one night on the street.

Five Hells Angels indicted

Five current or former members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on racketeering charges that involve a previously unsolved Snohomish County murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and trafficking in stolen motorcycles.
Those arrested and charged include Richard Allen Fabel, 48, of Spokane, a president of the Hells Angels Washington Nomads Chapter. Fabel is accused of directing other gang members to engage in the criminal activity, which was traced to the July 2001 killing of 47-year-old Michael Eugene Walsh of Arlington.
Two of the men are charged with the Walsh murder: Rodney Lee Rollness, 45, of Snohomish, and Joshua Binder, 30 of North Bend.
Also charged were Ricky Jenks, 28, of Spokane, and Paul Foster, 49, of Arlington. Jenks, a current Hells Angels member, is charged with racketeering, robbery and extortion. Foster, a former member, is charged as an accessory in helping to cover up the Walsh murder.
The case began with information obtained by the Monroe Police Department about stolen Harley-Davidson motorcycles and motorcycle parts connected to the Hells Angels, said Mike Lang, assistant U.S. Attorney in Seattle. That led to the Walsh murder, which a 15-page indictment says was planned between December 1999 and July 2001.
Lang said Walsh was not a member of the Hells Angels, and the murder case had gone unsolved until it was traced to the motorcycle club with the assistance of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office cold case homicide squad, the State Patrol, the FBI and other federal authorities. Walsh had last been seen alive in Foster’s Arlington home, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
“They had been looking at the murder for some time,” Lang said.
If convicted of murder charges in a racketeering case, the men could face maximum penalties of life in prison or a possible death sentence.
Rollness and Binder also are charged with interfering with commerce by threats or violence for the January, 2004 attempted robbery of a Monroe resident, and Rollness faces two counts of witness tampering for using fear and intimidation to silence the alleged victim of that offense.
Fabel and Jenks were arrested in Spokane and made initial appearances in federal court there Tuesday before being transferred to Seattle. Binder and Rollness made their initial appearances in U.S. District Court in Seattle Tuesday afternoon, and Foster will make his intitial appearance today.
Fabel and Jenks have also been indicted in U.S. District Court in Nevada for their involvement in a April 2002 shootout between the Hells Angels and Mongols motorcycle gangs in Laughlin, Nevada that left three people dead.
The indictments mark the second major case brought by a Seattle federal grand jury against a motorcycle gang in Western Washington in the past year. In June, 20 members of the Bandidos were arrested and charged with similar crimes, including racketeering, witness tampering, drug dealing and selling stolen Harley-Davidsons.

mandag den 14. januar 2008

Madonna in Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame


About popqueen Madonna.
She is for me a modern madonna, because she since the 1977 has been
a person in center when you turn your eyes against the universe.
Since the days of Jesus the has been love to rule the world.
Knights of spicy rooms,
Knights of prosperity,
what can make a person change the world,
Learn everything you can
and go to the law and god.
Reinvent your self.
That's growing, thats to die.
Thanks god passion
I think I love you.

Madonna has proved, that she has something real to give.
If you want to have proves of her perfume.
Her career has given her a nomination for the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.
If the heroine enters, she has proves of her art. When you step into the
groove, you feel yourself groving.
Madonna never accepted limits around her, the popsinger wants freedom
in art she tells. She has claimed endless posibilities, for her creativity.
Madonna's like an innonent flower, who never knew bad things.
In that way she has steppped into the groove.
The popqueen Madonna is now in the rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Madonna has also proved, that she is not to old. Live Nation is her
new perfume. It is a big step, and it must be a risk for a popqueen,
who enters the top of the world.
On the stairway to the top she did not talk limp and lust, but as a lovechild
who knew the inheritage originating from the holy.

Martin Barslev

onsdag den 9. januar 2008


I am interested in ciminalities. I get emails from FBI's homepage. There you can get news about murderers, robbers, swindlers and so.
I think that the society and the commercial life support criminality.
The Hells Angels in USA has a great profit on drugtrafficing. In 2007 FBI estimated that Hells Angels USA earns 1 billion dollar. "The Quebec Biker War" which was started by Hells Angels USA, because they were trying to get the dealing of narcotica for themselves.
Hells Angels killed 150 people from 1994 to 2002.
Hells Angels are by the police regarded as an "outlaw motorcycle gang".
Many of Hells Angels in Denmark are muderers.
Jørn Jønke Nielsen, Bent "Blondie" Nielsen, Jesper Ø. Christoffersen, Vagn Schmidt,
Søren Sømand og Christian Sass Middelboe.
In this way they maybe business with El Quida in Asia and Africa.

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