fredag den 15. februar 2008

Madonnas World
Madonnas World is a forum where you can exchange news and other things - about worldfamous popqueen Madonna. The blog is administered by Jannie Buxo, who makes a lot of paparazzi on Madonna Siccone. I personally had for some years acces to to this mailinglist, but did not have many comments. The most active commentators had alot of bad sounding thing about Madonna.
If the popsinger was forced to read such things, I think that she would have a lot of pain.

I had to reject these meanings. Then again I felt that the lies and improber accusations ought to be proved not right, and apologized in a court. Why should this worldfamous and beautifull artist suffer pain because of so bad and denouncing accusations.

The idialism that she showed the world as a beautifull example regarding to Malawia, they laughed at, brought false accusations about her rights and the presedures made in the adoption.
They lied about the laws, while they themselves broke them.

Thereafter they put dirt on her new art and music plans, judged all from a bad point of view made all a diabolo. I tried to have a suggestion for her new CD cover. This picture resulted in this decision, that I was deleted from the mailinglist.
The picture was not injurious in any way, but maybe there was not enough junk in the forecast.
I have performed on stage with music, and exebited art in Denmark, Paris and Nebraska for ARTEL. I do not feel that such thing as Madonnas World can live in the world of art.

Artist Martin Barslev

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