mandag den 18. februar 2008


Today there is payment of wage, then you got to watch out for Hells Angels, as the outlaws we know, that they are. There are also other criminals. Nieghbours which visit each other resulting in plans for revenge and relapse to robbery. There is also the Hoolegans, who feel that they got to help with the economic perspectives .

They use extortion and violence in an attempt to make an economical development, which fit to their own interests. Minister of Justice in Denmark Lene Espersen is investigating criminalities in the world of football. It can tell that there is something really wrong.

Minister of Justice has also a lawbill against hoolegans.

If you look at the murder of Gianne Versace, worldfamous designer, and John Lennon, you would think, the it is an action in the meaning to stop something beautifull in time, and to put their own interest in a better position. They just fight for their own interests, with no consideration of right or wrong. They don't even know, what is normal, think and feel far from
social feelings.

They use massbased psychosis to make confusion, and under these condition they can carry out their criminalities. They knock on the walls, set up bad suggestions and claims, threaten with

voilence, burglary, bad service, infringement against the peace of the privatelife.
they create hatret to Madonna and Andy Wharhol the put respectability in bad light.

And then you see, that they deal with drugs and steal cars as better way to be.
Furthermore they carry out vandalism on parked cars, smash flagstones, splashes paint everywhere, smash windows, so that everything now is worthless.

Christmas evening 2006 I was nearly killed by a maroon, which was thrown near me to make an end of my life, I think it was somebody from my environment.

And after all these thing, they lie about their own position and life, tell lies about right and wrong,
like Hells Angels try to give impression of solid trials, and set themselves as perfect examples.
Some day they will meat the dawn of revenge.

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