mandag den 10. marts 2008

Criminal Neighbours

Some people in my environtment are insane murderers. The put my friends down, talk behind their bag, persecute them, beat them up, torture them to death, murder them. A woman wich I have used as a motive in my paintings, has been treatet in this way. They tried to murder her. Forced her to leave the country. And many others. Several murders has been done, but the police never found the murdereres. Out of personal reasons and envie Gianne Vercase was murdered, Madonna has been offended with threads and violence. Because they were rich and happy and counted respectability. Especially what these criminals go after. That where the evidence is hidden. Partly Hells Angels and Hells Supporters mc. Denmark are focused.

Some rich people can't live in happiness, it makes them enimies of the society. So it is in my neighbourhood. They are lurking on revenge and satisfaction in destruction, and love to boost of their criminalities. Their children will have pleasures, tension and outlaw games going.
I have had thiefs in my apartment. I have got my surroundings destroyed and smashed.
I have been knocked down.
They attack and persecute people to get influence, and they get the influence.
They live in sin , and put respectable people down, when they have pleasures. They just see the fight as a part of them selves and not an idiology. Happiness and good luck they get down. They live far from sense, never regret, and get more and more insane.
Martin Barslev
Revlingebakken 93, 1. th.

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